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March 2012

제니홀저, 폴 맥카시 Malba – Fundación Costantini 그룹전 참여

Jenny Holzer
Oil on linen
200.7 x 260.4 cm

전 시 명: Bye Bye American Pie
전시기간: 2012년 3월 29일 ? 6월 4일
전시장소: Malba ? Fundaci?n Costantini, Buenos Aires
참여작가: Jenny Holzer, Paul McCarthy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Barbara Kruger, Cady Noland
전시기획: Philip Larratt-Smith

세계적으로 명성있는 작가 제니 홀저, 폴 맥카시는 부에노스 아이레스에 위치한 Malba ? Fundaci?n Costantini 그룹전에 참여한다. 이번 전시 는 홀저와 맥카시 외 주요 미국 작가 장 미셸 바스키아, 래리 클락, 낸 골딘, 바바라 크루거, 캐디 놀랜드의 작업들로 구성되어 미국 문화의 변모를 탐구하고자 한다. 이는 1970년대부터 현재까지 발전해온 미국 문화의 변화 양상을 반영하면서 비평적 시각으로 다룬 작품들로, 예술적 감수성과 다양한 미디어 안에서 구현된 전략 간에 균형을 이루는 관점에서 선정되었다.
또한 이번 전시에서는 큐레이터 필립 라랫?스미스가 집필한 에세이『Civilization and Its Discontents』도 함께 소개된다. 이 에세이는 미국 소설가이자 문화 평론가인 게리 인디애나의『The Fall of the House of Mickey Mouse』와 영국 철학가이자 작가인 존 그래이의『Electrographic Dream』을 심층적으로 다룬 간행물이다.

“Bye Bye American Pie” explores the changing aspects of American culture through the work of seven major American artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Paul McCarthy, and Cady Noland. These artists have all produced works that both reflect and critique the evolving state of American culture from the 1970s to the present. The works in the exhibition have been selected with a view to establishing a balance between artistic sensibilities and formal strategies within a diversity of media. Thus the hard documentary quality of Clark’s photographs and the diaristic intimacy of Goldin’s slideshows are balanced out by the critique implicit in Holzer’s redaction paintings and Kruger’s juxtapositions of text and image. Noland’s exploration of secret histories and mediatized moments of explosive violence intersects with McCarthy’s restaging of cultural politics at the level of the id. The presentation of these artists together within a single exhibition aims to offer a sustained survey of a particular tendency within American cultural history, when the high tide of American civilization which Warhol so brilliantly celebrated gave way to critique and deconstruction, and when a single dominant culture reinforced by television and Hollywood broke up into multiple subcultures. They foreshadow the gradual decline of America not only as an economic and political hegemony but also as a culture and an ideal.
The exhibition is accompanied by an in-depth publication featuring the essay “Civilization and Its Discontents” by the curator Philip Larratt-Smith, and original contributions from the American novelist and cultural critic Gary Indiana (“The Fall of the House of Mickey Mouse”) and the British philosopher and writer John Gray (“The Electrographic Dream”). The catalogue also includes a full-colour plate section as well as a visual timeline of postwar American history drawing on art, film, politics, and television.
Contents provided by Malba ? Fundaci?n Costantini, Buenos Aires.